Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Curse of the Blue Devil.

Down in the southeast part of the United States is a nice little place called North Carolina. This Atlantic Ocean border state is one of the most beautiful places on this place we call earth. The grass is green, the mountains are some of the most amazing things you could ever vision.
You have southern hospitality. You have the home of NASCAR. You have tobacco road. You have pure beauty in this state. Last but not least, you have the most important thing for this state. You have college basketball. Some of the greatest basketball to have ever been played has came on the courts of North Carolina.
We've seen Micheal Jordan, James Worthy, Christian Laetner, Bobby Hurley, Grant Hill and countless others grace these fine courts in North Carolina. You've got The Demon Deacons of Wake Forest University. You have one of the most storied programs ever in The TarHeels of North Carolina. Then there's one of the finest schools to ever have a basketball program. The Duke University Blue Devils.
Moving up the ranks as the all time winningest coach (#2) is the Blue Devils head coach Mike Krzyzewski. Coach K is a little man that looks like he should be that nerd accountant for the local Methodist church. He has that look like if you yelled at him, he'd piss his pants. He looks like the type of guy who's mother made him take piano lessons for 4 hours a day 6 days a week.
The funny thing is that he's far from all of that. He is a mastermind who's competitive attitude is one of the most intense I've ever seen. While he paces the sideline, he'll cut a referee verbally like you've never seen. The great thing about this man is his humility. He can be very witty as well as very shy. My favorite sport of all time is over until next season. The football season has came and went. Now it's time for basketball.
If you ever get a chance to watch a Duke BlueDevil game, make sure to sit down and study everything about this team. You will see teamwork, you will see fundamentals, you will see a coach in a league of his own. I am no way a Duke Blue Devil fan, I just love to watch the sweet science of everything they do.
My prediction for the year is that Duke will be in the NCAA Championship Game come the first week of April 2011

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