Saturday, January 22, 2011

How come?

  Sometimes I get bored real easy and my mind starts to drift.  Sometimes I get antsy and my mind starts to race.  Sometimes I get anxious and my mind goes into overdrive.  My latest thoughts have been about why things happen.  Why things go the way they do.  You know.  "How come"?
     How come all the cool chicks are lesbians?  How come when you go to the grocery store and you can't find anything to eat but you've still spent $100.00 bux?  How come when your an adult with a family your still scared of your mother?  How come going to the dentist's office still terrifies us all?
     How come when your using a public restroom and taking a shit you look over at the toilet paper dispenser and the toilet paper is all gone?  How come most wars are fought over religion?  How come their are homeless people starving and dying in the streets of the United States of American each and every day?  How come when you love someone with all your heart and soul it usually ends up shitting on you?
    How come when you go to the bar and find that hottie you want to bang like a screen door during a hurricane always ends up nasty as all fucking get out in the morning?  How come it's always to late to tell some one that you love them?  How come the best movies are always shown late at night?  How come after each and every time you go out for a good time you feel  like shit for the next 3 days?
    How come stupid people run our free country?  How come money can buy power?  How come the hard working son of a bitches are always the ones who are shit on?  How come it's the daughters that always make the daddy's of the world cry?  How come the world as we know it is going to shit over greed, jealousy, and hatred?  How come when great people trying to make a difference are treated like shit?
    How come a man's own mother is the greatest cook to ever walk the planet?  How come a woman can make a man steal, kill and die for her?  How come sometimes we treat our loved ones the worst?  How come in the depths of shit we can still hold our heads up and hope for the best?  How come the world is controlled by oil?  How come the people who run the oil don't care about the rest of the world?
    How come we can't love one another and try to get along to make the world a better place to live?

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