Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Coach Lou Holtz knew how to win!

I'm sitting here getting ready to watch The Ohio State University Buckeyes play Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl.  This game is being covered and shown on ESPN.  In my opinion, the most important television station in the world today.
   During the pre game you have your announcers covering what they feel could happen during the game.  One of them is former coach and current college football hall of famer Lou Holtz.  I get to thinking of when Holtz used to coach college football.  My lord above he sure could coach.  Infact he won the 1988 National Championship while coaching Notre Dame.
     Holtz was an undersized linebacker at Kent State University in the 1950's.  It's from there he made a few stops at different schools as an assistant.  The 1968 Ohio State Buckeyes won the National Championship while Holtz as an assistant there.  It was 1969 when Holtz got his first head coaching job at William & Mary College.  He coached there from 1969 to 1971.  He took this team to the Tangerine Bowl and also won the coach of the year award in the Southern Conference.  After departing William & Mary College for North Carolina State, William & Mary College put on athletic probation.
   At North Carolina State University, Holtz's teams went 31-11-2 going to bowl games in each of his years there coaching.  After leaving North Carolina State University to coach the New York Jets of the NFL, North Carolina State University was put on athletic probation.
   Lou went on to coach a dismal New York Jets football team in 1976.  After posting a losing season there, Holtz took a job with Arkansas.  It's here where Holtz did some amazing work.  He took the Razorbacks to 6 bowls in 7 seasons.  It's here where he won one Southwest Conference Title and was ranked in the top 20.  It's here where he upset the Oklahoma Sooners in the Orange Bowl to prevent them from winning the National Championship. 
    After a 6-5 record in 1983 Holtz was fired.  No one is for sure why Holtz was fired but it's been reported that he was let go for doing some commercials in his office for Senator Jesse Helms re-election.  Helms is known as a racist senator from North Carolina.  After being let go from Arkansas, the university was put on athletic probation.
   In 1984 Holtz took over the lowly University of Minnesota Gophers program.  In his second season at Minnesota, his team knocked off Clemson in the Independence Bowl.  Holtz didn't coach this game because he had decided to become the head coach for Notre Dame.  After leaving Minnesota, they were put on athletic probation for 2 years.  Holtz and his staff committed 17 violations.
   At Notre Dame, Holtz did the most amazing job of any person who ever coached there.  He won a National Championship.  He had a 23 game winning streak.  He finished #2 in the polls in back to back years.  He took the Fighting Irish to 9 consecutive bowl games which still stands as a record at Notre Dame.
   Holtz "retired" after the 1996 season saying it was the right thing to do.  In 1999, Notre Dame was placed on athletic probation and academic probation for academic fraud amongst players.  After 2 season's of being a commentator for CBS, Holtz took over the lowly South Carolina GameCock's program.  His team in 1999 went an appalling 0-11.  A very unlike Holtz team.
   In 2000 Holtz's Gamecocks upset the favored Ohio State Buckeyes in the Outback Bowl.  That team went 8-4 and South Carolina football was back on the map!  The next season South Carolina went 9-3 with another victory over Ohio State in the Outback Bowl.  The next two seasons didn't fair to well for Holtz as his teams went 5-7 in back to back seasons.
   His last season in Columbia, South Carolina went better with a 6-5 record for the Gamecocks.  Lou retired for the second time after that season.  At this time, the NCAA was investigating The University of South Carolina for violations.  It was found that USC had 10 violations against them with 5 of them being major violations.  I don't know about you people out there reading this but I'm seeing a pattern here.
    We all know that Lou Holtz is a great coach and motivator.  We all know that this skinny little bastard is fun to watch on ESPN on the pre-game shows.  We all know that he has won a National Championship and brought some sad football programs back from the dead.  God bless him for doing that!  My question is this.  I know he has won a ton of games and a National Championship and all but didnt he cheat at every school he coached at?
   You put his skinny ass in the NCAA Hall of Fame for cheating?  The idiots at Notre Dame even had a statue of him put up outside of the fucking stadium.  FOR CHEATING?  You have got to be shitting me!  Shouldn't you be punished for cheating?  Shouldn't you have to forfeit these wins for cheating?  Shouldn't you have to man up for this shit?  I guess not if your name is Lou Holtz.
   He cheats at every program he ever coached at and gets a sweet gig with ESPN?  The motherfucker has the worst lisp I've seen for a commentator.  I guess I'll go and assault my boss tomorrow and see if I get a pay raise for it.  If you read the fantastic book "Under the Tarnished Dome" you will see he was hated by most of his players at Notre Dame.  And they dedicate a fucking statue of him?  Thank you Touchdown Jesus!

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