Friday, January 28, 2011

Kaleb T.

  My beautiful wife and I just got home from a nice dinner with my oldest daughter and her boyfriend Kaleb T.  Tonight was all about eating mexican food and talking about life in general.  My daughter Cassandra has been seeing a young man by the name of Kaleb T. for awhile now.  
    They've known eachother for a bit now but rekindled their friendship at an Iowa State Cyclones football game tailgate.  I've had the pleasure of meeting Kaleb on a few occasions.  He seems pretty nice and all.  The number one thing is that he makes my daughter happy.
  She's constantly bragging on him.  Making sure that she lets her mother know whats going on with them.  When I've been around him, I've found him to be a nice guy.  He seems to be treating my daughter well and that's all I want in life.  Her to find love with someone who will make her happy during good times and bad.  If not, I'm going to be honest, I'll have to hurt someone.  She is my baby anyways.
   Kaleb T. and Cassandra came home from school this weekend.  His family lives about 20 miles from our family.  Cassandra calls her mother and tells her that she wants to go out and eat.  It's then we decide to meet at Cass's favorite place to eat.  The local mexican cafe' is our place eat at.
The beautiful wife and I show up about 5 minutes earlier then Cass and Kaleb T.  That's ok they had a long trip home.  After everyone is there we order.  Kaleb asks me if it's ok to order a drink from the bar.  I say sure, thats ok in my book.  He orders a XXX Mexican beer.  I order a pitcher of beer.  He looks at me in amazement.  I give him that look ..  "Yes son, I have pissed out more beer then you will ever drink".  
   The food comes and after awhile I look at Kaleb and his beer is gone.  It's then I have the waiter get another glass so him and I can share a beer together.  The next thing you know we are having a good time and all is well.
   I ask him if he likes my daughter.  He tells me that he likes her alot and cares about her.  I ask him if he likes the ISU Cyclones. He tells me he loves the ISU Cyclones.  SO far so good with this boy.  At this time he's a keeper.  At this time I decide to order another pitcher of beer.  We go along with eating dinner.  We converse.  All is good.  I look at Kaleb and notice he's enjoying his beer as he eats.  
    I continue with my dinner and my conversation.  It's then I notice Kaleb T. slowly but surely reaching for my pitcher of beer.  It's then I look at him and say in a stern voice.  "Son, you can love my daughter.  You can love my Cyclones.  Just do me one favor and never EVER love my beer"!!!!

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  1. Dude, watch out. I think Kaleb could kick your ass! It is coming one day, just wait!