Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to make a living as a stripper.

  As Martin Luther King Jr. once said... "I have a dream!"  Well guess what Marty, I have a dream also.  I want to own my own exotic dance club.  I want to make the men and women of the world happy with nude dancers.
   I want to build a nice place with two levels.  I want to make this  a posh place where any class level will feel welcome.  In this establishment, we will not serve liquor.  This will be a "juice" bar at it's finest.  The patrons are more then welcome to bring their own beverage if they so please.
   This place will have the finest security money can buy.  This place will have the nicest dressing rooms for all of the entertainers.  Hell I might even start a pension program if all goes well.  I've got my establishment built and looking to open up anytime soon.  The problem is that I'm missing one thing.  Ahhh.  That's right.  I need the entertainment.  The dancers, the strippers, the poontang!
    So now it's time to start interviewing some fine ladies for the position of entertainers.  Here come the bevy of beauties that might want to be employed at my fine establishment.  A few simple rules are explained to the ladies.  No drugs.  No pimps.  No selling your pussy inside the establishment.  Pretty basic rules I do believe.  Now I'm starting to get questions of what's the best way to make money being a nude dancer.  
    Well ladies here's a point from a male point of view.  TO make money as a dancer, you have a few things to do.  First of all when on stage your job is to strip.  That doesn't mean waltz around in your bloomers and bend over now and then.  It means take your damn clothes off and shake some tits and ass.
   It doesn't matter if you have a small ass and big tits.  It doesnt matter if you have small tits and a big ass.  All that matters is that you shake that motherfucker like it was meant to be.  On to the next lesson.  When your dancing, your selling something.  That's you!  Every customer in the place is a potential customer of yours.  Look your customer in the eyes and make them feel wanted.  This is no different then selling Avon except your selling your pussy is all.
   The more you sell your "product" to your potential customer, the money you will make.  If that means rubbing your tittie's and fingering your pussy, then you do it!  Customer's will be more then happy to buy the product if it's demonstrated properly.  The great thing about salesmanship is that if your good and work to get better you will have repeat customers who will bring referal's.  
    You need to do lap dances.  No touching allowed on the customer's side unless the said dancer wants that.  When doing lap/private dancers you will charge extra then a normal group show out in public.  The customer will pay a fee upfront and tip as it goes for as long as he wants a private dance.  
   If by chance another hot dancer wants to eat your pussy while on stage, it's in your best interest to do it.  Now your talking heaps of money people!  Customer's love to watch girl on girl action.  It would do you best to bring out dildo's and maybe a farm animal or two.  Just a thought I wanted to let be known.  Now as part of you being my employee, you will have to pay a finders fee.  A house fee I should say.  If it weren't for this house fee, I couldn't pay for the nice dressing rooms or security.  
   I don't give a fuck where your establishment is located but you can draw customers from miles around.  In the right place a dancer can make between $500.00 to $2000.00 per night of work.  If you do it right, you can on a meager week working 3 nights make up to $1500.00.
Thats pretty good fucking money there gals!  
   You can look at it this way.  $1500.00 x 52 weeks works out to be $78,000.00 a year for working 20 hours a week.  Jesus Christ above that's some fucking money there!  In the big cities some dancers have been known to make between $400000.00 to $750,000.00 per year.  Thats just to show some tits and ass.  You don't even have to fuck anyone for that kind of money.  
     There's your lesson on how to make some money as a stripper.  If this field is calling your name and you think you can make it, I encourage it!

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