Monday, January 3, 2011

Two daughters and having a hard time letting go.

  I'm the father of two beautiful girls.  I like to tell everyone that they are the "ladies" of my household.  My oldest one was born right before I turned 25 years old.  I don't know if I was ready for a child then but my wife kicked me in the ass and made me ready.
   The youngest one was born right before I turned 29 years old.  She came into this world looking like a chinese baby and my family is a straight up white family.  Infact, for the longest time we called her "somethingwong".  An inside joke in the family.  Both were so beautiful at birth.  I've got to be honest here.  I cried at both births.  
    My wife and I've both been pretty good parents.  She's been better then me.  She's the calm one while I'm that asshole who ruins households.  The oldest one, resembles me.  The youngest one is a spitting image of her mother.  Both daughters are very beautiful and I couldnt be more proud!  My oldest one left for college this last year.  I have to admit that I cried the day she left. She's got a great future ahead of her if she chooses so.  I pray every night that chooses the right course in life.
   Now to the youngest one.  HAHAHA   Even though she doesn't look like me, she is the spitting image of me and my ways!  I hope and pray each and every day that she finds something to make her happy and make her reach for a goal.  This kid has a brain that is moving at warp speed.  She just needs to make it work for her and the betterment of society!
  The more the girls get older, the older I get!  I'm hoping and praying that they get a great career.  Something that will make a difference in society and also their homes.  I want grandchildren.  I want my kids to let me teach my grandkids the art of baseball/softball.  This is the game I truly love.  This is a game that I know like the back of my hand!  Let me teach the youngins!  
   I'm a realist.  I can't dream for the world greatest jobs for my kids.  All I ask is that they kick ass at whatever they do.  Make sure you live life to the fullest and work to make yourself happy.  The one thing I want both of my kids to do is to make sure to take care of others.  Take your time to help people.  Make time to help people!  Encourage people to help people!  

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