Friday, January 14, 2011

A tribute to family.

     The new year has past.  I'm excited about the future.  I'm pleased with the past.  Life as I know it is going well.  I just hope and pray that I don't fuck it up.  With this blog I want to thank a few people and make them known for me being who I am today.
   First things first.  I want to thank my mother and father for living life at it's fullest each and every day.  At their age, they need to enjoy as much as possible.  I want to thank my father Lee for taking me in as his own.  I want to thank my mother Linda for being the beautiful mother she was and will be to me.  She was one old tough bitch more then once when I needed it and now I know why.  Thank you mother.  I love you.
   To my brother Christopher.  Thank you for being solid with yourself and your family.  Even with an almost 11 year difference, I feel we are equal in life except I'm sexier and all of that shit. To my niece and nephews...  Aubree.  I love you and I wish and pray that everything you want will come true.  Remember this hun, life is what you make of it!  Work hard and never ever let anyone tell you otherwise!
    Caden Klug.  Well hello big boy!  Dream the impossible dreams son!  Make sure you work your ass off to reach the next level.  Never EVER let anyone tell you otherwise.  You my friend can go a long ways if you believe in yourself.  Do NOT let anyone tell you anything otherwise.
   TO my wife Melody.  THANK YOU for each and every year we've been together.  You are the most important woman in my life!  (it took me years to let Linda know that!)  You make my life special.  With what you've done with my children, I thank you even more.
   Samantha.   Keep up that beautiful smile.  I have this great feeling that someday you will grow into yourself and make plenty of people jealous.  Keep you nose to the grindstone.  Work for your life and people will notice!
    Cassandra!  You've made me proud over the years with your athletic prowess.  A parent couldn't ask for more.  Thank you for that.  I know you are kicking yourself in the ass for not trying harder.  Thats a life lesson my love.   To everyone in my family I thank you for being in my life.  Thank you thank you thank you!

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