Friday, January 14, 2011

Sarah Palin needs to go now!

  I believe in the right to own guns.  I believe in the right of freedom of speech. (thats why I do this!)  I believe in the matter of opinion.  I believe in the right to judge and vote for who you want in elected positions.  
    What I don't believe in is idiots that want to run our country.  It doesn't matter if it's Republican or Democrat.  Just be smart and try to make sense to the American people is all I ask!  You've got people bitching about Barrack Obama.  That's ok.  That is their right!
   People are bitching about the economy of the American society.  Thats ok.  I bitch about it also!  Then you have this stupid cunt from Alaska talking shit non stop!  
  Sarah Palin is a one hit wonder who will not go away.  She needs to shut her mouth and sign her 45 year old ass to a contract with Playboy.  Thats all she's worth in this free world we live.  I'm going to be honest here when I say this.  I'd stick my cock so deep into her pussy she wouldn't know whether to cum or shit her self.  Thats all she's worth!  She just had her reality show canceled because she's an idiot.  She tells people on her website she has a target list with sniper scopes as examples.  Guess what happens?  Some lunatic fuck shoots 18 people in Arizona because she "scoped" Arizona.
   One of the people shot was Gabriell Giffords.  A congresswoman from Arizona who was putting a speech when this lunatic prick put a bullet in her head.  I honestly feel that Sarah Palin should be held responsible to some sort!  Her quote of all time makes me puke.  "Don't retreat, just reload!"  You stupid cunt!  Stop being the tough gal.  Hell John McCain and his staff hated you and you even wrote about it!  I wonder why they hated you bitch!?
  Your own daughter moved from Alaska to be away from you and your circus.  The bitch moved to Arizona the day of the fucking shootings.  To bad you weren't there for the bullshit! Your best bet Sarah is to move on and make life easier on other people.  You have no idea about what life is like.  Stay put up in Alaska and hunt your cariboo and bear.  Keep fishing and making life happy.  Learn to give your husband blowjobs and all is good.  Just stay out of American politics!

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