Thursday, September 30, 2010


  I've got a friend named Steve.  Infact he's so cool he calls himself SteveBoss.  Steve grew up in the great small city of Ames, Iowa.  He excelled at a few things such as soccer, knitting, table tennis, air hockey and shucking corn!
    He tried to dominate the Ames High school district but he fell into some shady characters that for some reason loved The University of Texas.  Steve felt some kind of "connection" with these perverts.  Thats ok.... Steve was hell bent to make a difference in the world
    Steve graduates... He moves on to Austin, Texas. (Fantastic city with tons of party attitude!)  He flips from one major to another.  Thats ok his parents say!  The parents (which I've met!) continue to funnel Steve money so he can become an icon in Texas.  Steve takes some of this money and starts to buy LoneStar Beer and import it to Iowa.  Thats ok.... Then one day Steve decides he's not making the money he quite thought he should be... Next thing you know this crazy bastard starts thinking of ideas to make money!  
    Steve is desperate and knowing his money is running dry... The parents cut him off because they know he's doing nothing but partying like it's 1999!  At this time, Steve feels that he needs to start stripping.  He begins to beg local dj's to let him hang out with them.  It's great till Steve started taking over the gigs!  
    After making a few dj's feel kinda weird Steve goes out on his own!  He's booking gigs all over the Texas country side.... Some revue's are good....Some arent so good!  (Depends on which nursing home your talking too!)
    Next thing I know SteveBoss making money all over the place!  This crazy bastard decides to get stupid in Mexico!  He meets a beautiful woman named Liz... She's as hot as  fucking jalapeno!   All of my friends are wondering how much he had to pay for this fine piece of ass!  I guess I'll never know!
    Long story short is that Steve shook his ass all over Mexico till they figured it was an act!  Next thing you know he's teaching at the local high school!   Steve do you really care about your students or do you want to dance again!?!?!?!?

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