Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Homecoming and fireworks.

  It's nine o'clock at night and I'm sitting around watching a fantastic movie called "The Hurt Locker."  I'm having a few beers and kicking back when all of a fucking sudden I hear the loudest boom ever!  Yes my friends I about shit myself.
    I'm thinking to myself as I jump out of my chair that it's either the taliban or some bitch who doesnt like me to blog the truth bombing my house and the surrounding block.  I get to the door without falling down.  I open the door with a pillow covering my head.  (shrapnel is a bitch I tell ya!)  At this time I jump off the front porch and roll on the front lawn.  I'm yelling at the top of my lungs. "I kaka dye!  I kaka dye!  I kaka dye!"  (Do I know what that means?  NO! but it makes me sound tough!)
     I look to the skies wondering if another bomb is going to be dropped.  It's then I discover it's fucking fireworks!  I then remember it's homecoming for our local high school.  God bless em all!  Not only are they making me shit myself but they are spending my tax money on fucking nothing!  After I dust myself off and crack another beer I get to thinking....  Hmmmm I wonder if this is where the money that them one kids wanted dedicated  to the fine arts went here?
    Now I'm loving this fireworks show for the kids.  I'm loving it with a passion!  My rant is...... Don't complain to me school board and administration that you have no money then go and blow the shit out of stuff.  Maybe you took donations and all.... Thats fantastic!  God knows I love it!  Just dont tell them kids who raised tons of money to go to the fine arts that you have just cause to do what you want with it.
     We're cutting staff and other things to make our school better then you go and have a fucking fireworks show?  What the fuck are you thinking?  IF this shit is going to keep going on, then don't raise my goddamn property taxes.  Don't make another 1cent sales tax to cover school costs.  Do NOT cut staffs and take away benefits!
     Homecoming is a way of life across America.  God bless the graduates that come back to town to celebrate it's highschool.  God bless the parades and the enthusiasm of town!  God bless the people enjoy the activities surrounding all homecomings!  Lord above knows I love it all.  Just don't blow money on retarded shit that can go into something that makes a difference for the lives of children!  That difference is called a fucking EDUCATION!
     Hell people!  IF your going to blow money like this then I say next years homecoming should have fucking band.  Hell let me call Hootie and the Fucking Blowfish!  They might play here for the price of goddamn fireworks!
    Wanna know what pisses me off more.  The day before the homecoming gane you don't even have school!  What the fuck are you people thinking?  Idiots I say!  Damn idiots!  The day of the homecoming game you let out early for the parade.  Thats all fine and dandy.  Just fill me in on why the fuck you dont have school the day before homecoming.  The man in charge of this whole fucking bullshit is a straight up fucknut in my opinion.
    I can hear the Hitler who runs this district if he's called out on this.... "It's not my fault!  Someone else approved it!"  Wanna know what douchebag?  Your the fucking idiot with the last call!  The last say!  The man with the last approval!  Your letting this money be blown on bullshit and you should be held accountable!

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