Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Diary of a madman!

      Since I'm just getting into this blogging thing, I'm going to give you a little peak of who I am.  I'm the type of guy who loves a good time.  I love to watch people grow and laugh.  I love to watch good comedy!  I love family.  My dislikes.  People who whine about everything.  People who think the world evolves around them.  People who blame everyone else for their fucking problems!
   I hate that bitch who can fuck up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and then blame the entire world about it.  I hate the woman who can get tons of money for doing nothing at all... Then the dumb bitch spends it all and has nothing left over to pay her bills.
   I can't stomach the dude who thinks he's the shit but doesn't help one bit on paying the bills.  Personally thats a fuckhead.
    I love smoked food.  I love going fishing and catching that big one that ya'll have ever wanted to do.  I love hanging out with friends and laughing till it hurts.  I hate people who think the world is against them.  My answer to that is to man up and stop being a fuck.  I fell people should be treated equal till they prove they are fucking idiots.  Then it's time to push them aside and make new friends!
     I love loyalty!  I know I'm loyal to a fault.  Sometimes its good..... Sometimes its bad!  The only thing I know is that with loyalty is that I'm going to be there for you till the end.  My comments to all of you are..... Make sure you respect people and love without envy!  Treat people as they want to be treated and all will be good.  Karma is a wonderful thing and if you live life with the knowledge of karma all will be good!
                                                 Comments are welcome!

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