Friday, September 24, 2010

The old Post #10.

    Now I'm up to post number 10.  I don't know if I've ran out of ideas or not but here goes.  My big thing is... Celebrity's public nudity..... How come everytime I turn on the t.v. I see a shot on TMZ of Paris Hilton flapping her heynannynoony!?!?!?!  How come everytime I flip to a website theres Lindsay Lohan showing me her tits?  Didn't she just get busted again for failing a piss test that will fuck up her probation?
   Why is it that every Hollywood starlet wannabe has to give me an upskirt?  I know I know I know.... I'm MrYamsac and starlets want me to see this shit.  My problem is.. Theres a few starlets I dont wanna see!  Why is it that everytime I look up that Britney Spears has one hell of an upskirt of her snatch?  It's one of two things.... She's either really proud of that motherfucker or she's trying to air it out!
   Why did Alyssa Milano bitch when people found nude pictures of her on the internet?  I mean for God's sake she's the one that was showing her booty on the beach!  Hell her fucking mother posted an internet site bitching about the nude pics.  Well mamma!  Tell Alyssa to not walk around some fucking beach butt naked when the papprazi is around!  Common sense here people!  I've got to be honest here though.... Alyssa would look good underneath me.
    What about the old dried up Pamela Anderson walking around with her brand new fresh titties hanging out?  Is she looking for attention or really stupid?  (to be  honest... I've seen the Tommy Lee-Pamela Anderson porn vid.  She knows whats she's doing)
     Katy Perry!  She's been doing everything she can to get her whatchamuhcallit shown on camera.   I mean she's bending over trash cans... She's doing the splits in the air... She's putting her legs up on speakers and such.  HOW COME NO ONE CAN GET THAT SHOT?
    What about that Disney chick?  What the fuck is her name?  She's the one banging that tool  Zach Efron.
My lord I cant remember her name!  I guess she aint famous enough for me.  How come back in the day we didn't have hollywood starlets showing off their nubins?  I mean what about when i was a kid and had a crush on Mary Tyler Moore?  Then theres June Cleaver!  You could bounce quarters off of her ass!  Don't forget Mrs Brady!  I would make her cum in 14 different languages!  My lord she was hot.
     Lets get beyond Mrs.Brady... How about Alice the maid for the Brady's?  She could cook and clean a house like no ones business... In my mind she was always horny and could suck a golf ball through a garden hose!
    Ginger or MaryAnn?  Ginger was the Hollywood starlet... MaryAnn was the midwest country girl.  My feelings here is that Ginger has had more cock then a urinal.... Then theres MaryAnn... You know she's a virgin from Kansas.  Poor Gilligan... This poor fuck is hammering himself 3 to 4 times a day thinking of MaryAnn.  She's rocking the cutoff jeans and teasing that poor fucker till he explodes.
   Back to my question!  How come these babes never EVER got stupid like these other gals?  Wanna know why?  Because they always acted like ladies!  They didnt need to show their whoohawwws or heynannynoony's to get peoples interest.   They knew how to act and make you think.
     I've got to be honest here though.  The one starlet of today's standards I wanna see nekid is... Christina Auguilara.  My lord she's smoking hot!!!  She could shit and I would swim a mile of it to find out where it came from!  Lonig story short!  If your famous and you dont want to look like a fucking tool.... Keep your legs crossed and dont let some idiot take pictures of you pussy!

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