Monday, September 27, 2010

Dont be stoopy! Wipe your poopy!

    I'm at the local grocer tonight looking at the veggie isle.  I'm working my way around when the next thing I know is I hear this little guy tell his mother that he has to go to the bathroom...  I look at him and he has that look of fright that i famous to a young child... He's either going to piss his pants or shit his draws!  
   At this moment his mother looks at him and tells him where the bathroom is...  I kinda breathe a sigh of relief..   At about this time we look at eachother as she tells him to go to the north then take a left.  Thats where the bathtroom is son!  I'm kinda like this is cool he'll be ok... Then the unspeakable happens!  She looks at her son between the age of 7 to 10 years and sternly says.... "Don't be stoopy!  Wipe your Poopy!"
   Jesus Christ bitch!  Do  you not understand what the fuck you just did?  This poor little fucker is in the bathroom dumping wondering who the fuck heard all of this!  Here's my thinking.  I hope he takes the biggest shit ever!  I hope its runny as fuck then when it comes time to wipe it all up he decides to use his skivvies!  After he drops this load of dung I want him to forget wiping his ass and then take his underwear and pull it up his ass as far as he can!
    I'm praying he does this for the next 10 years!  I want his mother to have to clean his underwear every week with shit running down the ass part!  You my friend are one dumb cunt! I'm praying as he hits his teens that he pulls his underwear so far up his ass at all times that they will be shit stained forever!  Then to make it even better.... I'm hoping he has a fucking wet dream every night till he moves out!  Now thats justice for his mother being one dumb cunt!! Clean out the shit and cum all at the same time!
    At this time because I'm fucking retarded I'm thinking...  What if he becomes a mass murderer because of this episode?  Does he knock off 35 people at the local Wal-Mart for the fuck of it and then it's time to explain to the judge?  If so, heres what I'd say if I was this little fuck...  Hopefully his mother is looking on in the courthouse.. When the judge says to me what I want to plead... I calmly say.... "Don't be stoopy!  Wipe your poopy!"
    My lord some people dont need to make kids!
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