Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This Face Book shit!

    My daughter got my beautiful wife and myself hooked on this facebook shit.  She tells us that we can check on family and friends at all times.  I'm like...ok... My bride is like OK!  (She likes to keep up on family events.)
    I've noticed a few things..... That I have a shit pot more friends then I ever knew!  I'm expecting graduation announcements and birth announcements anytime soon from people I havent seen in 25 years!  I have no problem with this as long as it's family.... When these so called friends start asking for money they can suck my dick.
   I've noticed that some of my family are pretty much retarded.  They can suck my dick also.  In the end they will be wanting money from me also.... Till then, suck my dick.  I've got 3rd, 4th, 5th cousins wanting to be my friend.... Well, suck my dick!  Where were you when I was in jail needing bail money? hmmmmmmm Once again.. Suck my dick!
     How come theres that friend or family member that loves to play "Farmville" and wants me to play?  One day I'm fertilizing their farms and the next day they are asking for a $100.00 bill.
What to do?  Like I've said before.... SUCK MY DICK!
     When I ask these so called friends and family what my kids names are and they can't answer, do I still flip them some coin?
  What if when I'm sitting at home and the next thing I know I get a phone call asking me to pay their rent what do i do?  I'll tell you what I do!  Tell them to suck my cock!  This is all good till you meet to many so called family and friends!  Keep to yourselves and be cool.... If not, SUCK MY DICK!

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