Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The definition of retarded.

retarded [rɪˈtɑːdɪd]
(Psychology) underdeveloped, esp mentally and esp having an IQ of 70 to 85.
This is from the Websters Dictionary.  It is the true definition of the word retarded.  Now this rant isn't about people who are unfortunate to be retarded.  This rant is about people who are plain ass fucking stupid when it comes to life.
   Look at the picture to the left.  Why i God's name would you even think about wearing something so fucking ridiculous like this outfit?  Wanna know why?  Because your a fucking retard!
   How about that idiot that wears the skin art vowing he's a skinhead?  Is this fuck trying to intimidate me?  If he is, then he's got another thing coming!  What about the douche who in the middle of the check out line at the local grocery store decides to cut that long ass fart that will stink for the next 10 minutes?
Wanna know what they are called?  All of them?  RETARDS!  
   For fucks sake people don't be stupid!  Wake up and smell the goddamn coffee and become someone in today's society!  What about the bitch who gets knocked up and decides to rape the welfare system?  Isn't she retarded?  If she's trying to get back on her feet then no!  If she's fucking the world over and ripping off the taxpayers, then yes!!  She's a fucking retard!
    What about the parent that continually makes her kids look as good as they are even though everyone around knows they are poo?  To me, thats a fucking retard!
What about that person who can't pay their bills but still has enough money to buy stupid shit?  Then the same person blames everyone else for their problems.... Isn't that a fucking retard?!?!?!?
      What about that parent that has gotten pregnant like 14 different times but refuses to work?  RETARD I SAY!   What about that so called "hot" chick who thinks she's the shit but has this dumbass tattoo on her ass crack that says "easy"?  Isnt she fucking retarded?
      I guess I'll stop ranting now and find something better to interest me!
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