Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cosmo says that untamed V-jay-jay's are back in.

Ok, ok, ok, ok..... I'm not a frequent reader of Cosmo Magazine unless I'm sitting in my beauticians waiting area and i'm bored as fuck.    Well, I was sitting there the other day when I grabbed a Cosmo Magazine.   
   I start flipping through the magazine and trying to read the articles.  Not much happening there for me till I get to the article about how the world is starting to turn to the untamed v-jay-jay.
  I stop and look at this title again... Then I look at this title once again.  I blink... Then I blink again!  What the fuck is going on!?!?!??  I'm old enough to remember when pussy hair was huge!  When I'm talking huge I'm talking about it was so fucking huge they had to braid that shit because it got in the way when they had to piss!  Then it got a little better.....  Chicks started trimming it so they could atleast see what was hiding underneath.  God bless the razor!!!
     I'm not into the hairy thing nor am I into that shit called bald.  When I see a bald one, I find it not as cool.  I dont need that shit!  I need a woman.  Put some hair back on that motherfucker.  If you can't have any hair on it, do the latest thing and vjadazzle it!  That means shave that fucker bald and put some beads on your heynannynoony!
     Please make that fucker worth looking at!  You've got so many different designs that I don't have time to even write about it... My thing is... Make sure there's something for me to shoot at!  Make a landing strip and call it good.  Trim it down to almost nothing but leave a little there for the imagination.  Trim up the lips so I don't have to see the goobers from inside hanging out.
     Make it worth the other person's while!  Last but not least, trim up the asshole area!  Aint nothing worse then seeing a hairy asshole!  If I were a gal, I'd trim up the beaver and make sure the love hole had a giant Y to aim at!
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