Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Serious Idiots!

     You ever met them one people who you want to like but they are serious idiots?  I have.   I've tried being their friend and tried making everything right for them.  You try and try... Then you try and try some more.  The problem is with these people they don't get it.  They keep running their mouths to only make it worse.  They go and fill others with lies and hope that they can make them believe it's the truth.
   I've got a problem with a few.... I've got one that is trying to make me the bad guy... Thats ok.. I can deal with it.  This person has fucked me over and over before and I've been nothing but nice to them.  Now they want to try and ruin me.  Thats ok also.  I can deal with it.  I pray for them that they dont piss me off.  If by chance they do, it's that all hell is going to break loose!
      Come fuck with me and my family... I'll make you shit yourself.  Simple as that.  I've got a few things to say to them and the problem is... They want to run their mouth and not talk to the source.  Thats ok.....  Talk your shit and we'll see what happens.
     I've learned through the years to love someone till it's time to not love someone.  Well, it's time not to love someone.  I know that I've paid out of my pocket for this person to try and make themselves better.  Never happened.  They decided to talk shit and make excuses about everything.  Thats ok.... Welcome to the world of KARMA!
     I've lost a few friends through the years because of idiots....   I hope ya'll feel better about that!  I've got threatened over idiots.. (It'll happen again soon!)  Personally I dont give a fuck.  My life is dedicated to making my family and friends feel better about themselves.  If you idiots cant figure this out, then it's time to move on and fuck with someone else!
    I've got an idiot that thinks he's the killer bee.  He's a douche!  I've got an idiot that whines about everything and thinks everyone is against them.... Guess what fucker.... Everyone does hate you!  I'v
      I've got a school district that treats its teachers like shit!  Remove the head and the body will soon follow! Seems simple as that to me!  To my friends in the business...  I want to thank you for everything you do.  I'm sorry for anything that has happened.. Trust me when I say this my friends.... All will be good!  Karma is a bitch and we've all been bitched slapped.....
      Work your magic and everything will be ok!!!!   I'm more then willing to take the bullet for you people!  God bless and I love you!

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