Thursday, September 23, 2010

The History of MrYamsac

     It's time for a little history of MrYamsac.   He was created in 1967 in Charleston, South Carolina.  He was born between two musical genius's Edwin McCain and the fantastic Darius Rucker.  At one time they all lived in Charleston, South Carolina. For a fact, Darius and MrYamsac were born exactly 369 days apart.  Theres a great chance they could be twins.  
    I have this feeling that Darius and MrYamsac met at one time while both living in Charleston, South Carolina.  More and more I think about it, i think that Darius and MrYamsac could be brothers.  Both of them love country/southern rock music.  Darius was the lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish.  MrYamsac LOVES the band Hootie and the Blowfish!
    MrYamsac loves white women!  Darius is married to a white woman!  MrYamsac dances like a black man!  Darius is a black man!  Darius talks about living poor in Charleston, South Carolina!  MrYamsac lived poor in Charleston, South Carolina!
     MrYamsac at one point moved north... NEVER EVER forgetting his southern roots.  He still loves fried green tomato's, collared greens, catfish, fried okra and grits!
   MrYamsac's first name is Rocco.  It comes from his Italian heritage.  His middle initial is T.  The T stands for Tasty.... MrYamsac just doesnt like to advertise that his Yamsac is that Tasty.  Next thing you know people are wanting to market it with the Tasty Burger and shit.  His full name is Rocco T. Yamsac.  Get used to it!
    MrYamsac has a masters degree in life.  Nothing more and nothing less.  MrYamsac can talk about life with anyone on about any subject!  MrYamsac has been down the road with the good, bad and ugly.  Infact, he's dated a few ugly's  Thats ok..... We all learn from our mistakes.
   MrYamsac has met some great people... MrYamsac has met some people who after you talk to them need bullets to the head.  That's ok.... MrYamsac loves to fuck with people!
   I just hope ya'll can enjoy some daily ramblings from MrYamsac.  He'll try and make your life a little more fun!  Don't forget to check back for some great products from the MrYamsac store.  
                                            All Comments are welcome!

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