Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Marketing of MrYamsac

      I've been thinking this over for a few years...  To me ,MrYamsac is something that needs to be admired.  He's someone of trust.  He's someone of morals.  He's someone of humor.. He's someone of values.  Infact, MrYamsac cares about everyone.  That is till you piss him off.  Then thats another story.
     Here's my goal.... I figure that I can write witty and funny stories/facts everyday for the rest of my life.  My goal is this.... Why don't we make MrYamsac some body of importance?  Why dont we make MrYamsac personally famous!  I'm talking about t-shirts, hats, coffee cups, condoms and other assorted merchandise!
    To the college market, do we need a MrYamsac?  If so, let the people know!!!!!  I've already got the logo here ready to market.  In these blogs I promise to make them funny as fuck with a little twist on life.  My goal is to see a MrYamsac t-shirt on some major college game.  Hopefully the fucking National Title Game in either football or basketball!  Hell people lets have someone wearing that at each game!
    Let me know what you want to read and I'll be glad to oblige ya'll!  I love any information that will peek the interests of others!  I love politics, sports, cooking, beer and all things fun!
    Let's get MrYamsac off the ground and someday soon we can have a website with whatever is asked of me to do.  If I can get a friend to find 10 people to start watching this blog and want to order something from MrYamsac, we'll make sure you get some free shit!
     If your interested in MrYamsac, let me know!  I can send you some samples of anything I'm coming up with!  TIll then loyal flock!  Have a great night/day/weekend!!

                                               Comments are welcome!

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