Monday, September 27, 2010

The different words for vagina.

       I'm not old but I'm not young.  I will say this though.... I've been around awhile..  Not that it's something cool or whatever but I've seen alot in my few years on the earth.  
     The thing I'm wondering tonight is.... what do we call a vagina today?  Back in my day is was called a pussy...  Now they have so many different terms for it.  My biggest question is.. If I'm hammering some chick do I call it her pussy or what?
    Do I look down at her and tell her to spread her twat?  Do I tell her to spread her cunt?  Do I tell her to spread her taco?  DO I tell her to spread her heynannynoony?  Do I tell her to finger her cumsucker?  WTF do I do?
   What if I've got an old bitch that is like 66 years old and she wants me to hammer her?  Do I say.... "Well ma'am could you please spread them beefflaps for me?"
   Do I call my mother and ask her what they called her pussy back in the day?  What the fuck would you do?
                                                  Comments are welcome!

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