Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reggie's life has got to suck.

        This is a photo of Reggie Bush getting escorted off the field the other night after breaking his leg.  Reggie is a talented athlete but a true fuckhead.  This man came from nothing as a high school athlete to being one of the best Heisman Throphy winners of all time.  This success came with a few extras though.  He had to have a little walking around cash on him.  He had to have a crib for mom and pops to hang out at.  The motherfucking condo was worth millions!  Wanna know how they afforded it?  They got some greedy cocksuckers wanting to be his agent putting up all the money.
   When confronted about this situation, Reggie responded.... "I aint got no know how of whats going on. Know what I mean?"  Then he gets in his Range Rover and drives away.  Hmmmmm Where the fuck did he get the money to buy this?  I remember when I was in college I was driving a 1973 goddamn Chevy Vega!
   Was I a Reggie Bush?  Fuck no!  But goddamn I was one poor college kid as he should have been.
Reggie goes on and wins the Heisman.  Nice job kid!  Next thing you know he's getting drafted by the New Orleans Saints.  He's getting paid millions now... Not just a million at USC.
  Reggie's doing pretty good now.  He's bending over international famous for no reason hottie Kim Kardashian.  He's banging her like a screen door during a hurricane.  He's banging her like a bass drum for the Salvation Army at a fund drive.  He's hammering her like a roofing crew come 5pm closing time!
    Next thing you know.... He and USC are getting investigated over all of this improper money issues for his family and him.  He's found guilty.  Kim (Love my booty) Kardashian tells him to hit the road.  USC is put on probation for 5 years.  NO bowl games for the next 2 years.  USC takes down anything to do with Reggie Bush.  His AD is replaced by a man of morals. (Pat Haden)
   The Heisman Club is going to meet about taking his throphy away.   Then one day Reggie sees the light.  He  gives his Heisman Trophy back.  Then less then one later.  Reggie is playing for the Saints and ends up breaking his leg.  NOW GODDAMN REGGIE!!! THAT SUCKS SOME MAJOR ASSHOLE!  Wanna know what this is called?  KARMA

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