Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lifelong Friends

   Before they were coaches, SteveBoss, Tjake and Coop were lifelong friends.  They grew up being the best of friends.  Tjake was the older one who knew how to keep the boys in line.
    Coop was second in line making sure that the baby of the family was takin care of at all times.  Before they were constantly arguing about who's favorite college team was better these 3 were one big family!
   They played all the childhood games.  They did baseball,soccer, football,tennis and track.  They loved to goof on eachother until one of them cried. (usually Boss... "What the crap Coop?")  They boys loved to do everything together.  Most of the time Tjake was trying to act tough around the boys.  Other times Boss was talking in another language and Coop was always hungry.
     The one passion they all had and still have today is... DANCING!  I don't mean just some little shaking on the dance floor.  I mean Ball Room Dancing!  These three decided to enroll at the local dance studio.  They worked their collective tails off.  (Some tails are bigger then others...Just saying is all.)  
    After years of practice it was time to show the world what they were all about.  After some competitions at the local band shell they hit the big time.  Were not talking about the county fair.  Were talking the "Bill Riley Talent Show" at the state fair!
   The boys worked their asses off to get to the finals.  With the finals looming ahead they needed a little time to themselves.  As they walked around the fairgrounds they begin talking about their futures.  Tjake mentions how he loves the ladies and basketball.  Thinking that their might be a future for him coaching girls basketball.  He just hopes that parents don't care about winning or anything like that.
    Coop talks about his love of the Iowa Hawkeyes and tennis.  One in the same he says.  Female tennis players wear skirts and the Hawkeye football team wear skirts.  It's all good in Iowa City while wearing skirts he proclaims!  Then out of no where he begins running down the midway yelling.... "I see corndogs!  I see corndogs!!!!  I see corndogs!!!"  At this time Boss yells "What the crap Coop!?!?!"
    TJake and Boss keep walking when all of a sudden Boss tells Tjake his love of everything salsa and soccer.  "Its called futbal in some countries you know"
Tjake looks at Boss and says..."I've got your futbal right here nancyboy!"  Next thing you know Boss is picking himself up off the ground.  "What the crap TJake!?!?!?!"
    After another hour they boys find Coop.  He's sitting behind a garbage can eating popcorn, corndogs, fried snickers, porkchops and wetting his whistle with a cold frosty.
     TJake then tells the others..... "Saddle up boys we've got a dancing competition to win!  If either of you two fuckers mess this up I'll kill you!"
 They get back stage.  They start stretching.  TJake starts mumbling something about "Charge charge charge till they are all dead!"  Boss starts singing the National Anthem in spanish.  Coop farts.
   Time to hit the stage boys!!!  Music starts.  The boys slowly but surely slide onto the stage and start dancing like they've never danced before.  TJake tries to flex his muscles to get the lady judges votes.  Boss does a backflip across the stage trying to get the international vote.  Coop.... Well... Coop farts again.
   They're 4 minutes into their routine when it's time to hit the big ending.  Boss backflips across the stage one more time.  TJake flexes and winks at the ladies.  Coop gets ready for his most important move of the night.
     At this precise moment Coop comes flying out of nowhere and jumps into TJake's arms.  With Boss standing behind both of them shaking his tailfeather, TJake with all his might throws Coop in the air.  It was a beautiful sight to see. Coop does a 360degree flip while slowly turning into a swan dive.  My god above this is beautiful.
   The next moment I'm not sure what happened.  All I hear is this hideous scream.  It was a scream that would make any girl proud.  The next thing I know I hear this LOUD thump!  I look up and see Coop on top of Boss and TJake yelling at the top of his lungs..... "You dumbmotherfuckers!!!  You dumbmotherfuckers!!!!  You dumbmotherfuckers!!!"  
    I think Boss is knocked out.  TJake is walking off the stage throwing his dancing shoes into the audience.  Slowly but surely Coop slides a twinkie out of his back pocket then looks at the crowd and winks.
     Once again I hear from the back of the stage.... "You dumbmotherfucker!"
                                      God Bless the state fair and the "Flying Burdingo Brothers"

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