Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The world of sex.

      The world has and is revolving around sex.  It's as simple as that.  Through the ages, sex has been a main stay with the entire world.  Along with religion, sex has started wars.  Infact, people die everyday over sex.  If you look at the obituaries everyday, someone has died over a cheating spouse.
      Sex has brought nations to their knees.  Sex has brought political parties to it's knees.  Sex has brought famous people to it's knees.  Sex has brought religions down.  Remember Jerry Falwell and Jim Baker?  Whats the big deal about sex?  It makes you feel good of course!  It makes you feel like your on top of the world.
   Sex makes you want to live longer and fight the fight against anyone!  Sex makes you want to get dirty.  Makes you want to do things that would make your momma either puke or ask you for advice!
    Sex can make you alot of money or make you lose alot of money!  People need to realize that sex is a good thing if you do it right!  Sex can kill you!  Sex can make you keep diseases around for the rest of your life.  Sex can make you take your diseases and pass them on with out the other people knowing it.
     Sex will make you murder your own family members.  Example.... Your brother is banging your wife... Whats to do?  Put a gat to his head and blow the motherfucker off!  Seems simple to me.  Wanna know what made me do that?  SEX DID!
                    Have a good night and please feel free to comment!

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