Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Poor A-Rod

Alex Rodriguez and his girlfriend Cameron Diaz were seen together at last Sunday's Super Bowl.  Both were seen in VIP suites watching the game when Diaz decides to feed Rodriguez some popcorn.  Ahhhh Now that's cute.  They must be in love or she likes to think she's his mommy.
   We all know that the Packers went on to beat the Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.  What happens now is funny as hell to me.  It's been reported today that A-Rod is pissed off at the FOX camerman for showing this on national tv during the most watched show in the world.
    Ok Mr. A-Puss, were you pissed off when you most likely got the tickets and the suite to the Super Bowl for free?  Were you pissed off over the red carpet treatment?  Were you pissed when Diaz was giving you a blow job the night before?  It's time to get over yourself Mr. Rodriguez.  Your a fucking celebrity.  Your paid millions upon millions of dollars to be in the limelight.  People are going to watch your every move no matter where your at or what your doing.  For the money you make, you should be grateful to each and every person out there paying your salary.  Don't tell me the Yankees are paying it!  If it weren't for the fans and advertisers, there would be no huge salary for you.  
    I didn't see Ashton Kutcher and the Bush's being pissed off for being shown live on national television.  Get off of your high horse Alex and start being humble for once you steriod abusing cocksucker!  If Cameron wants to wipe your ass while sitting at the Super Bowl next year you better smile at the camera or get the fuck off of the planet!

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