Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Facebook bullshit.

 I have a Facebook account.  Hell, who doesn't?  If you don't have a facebook account, your pretty much dead.  I'll be honest, I check my shit on there every day.  I will say this though.  I am not addicted!
    I've been watching this craze for awhile now and I've got to be honest, this shit is down right stupid.  First things first.  I've got a few friends on my friends list. My friends list isn't very big and I don't want it to big.  I can honestly say that everyone on my friends list is someone I know. When I look at other friends pages, sometimes I'll see someone else I might know and haven't added to my friends list.  I look at their pages and notice that some people have over 1,000 friends.
    I call bullshit!  I've known alot of people in my life.  I come from a really large family on both my mother and father.  I work in retail.  I'm a salesman with tons of meeting potential and I promise you that I do not know over 1,000 people!  That's just plain ass bullshit!  Then there's the people who live their goddamn lives on this facebook shit.  Who gives a fuck if your son just won a medal at the "lesbian wannabe Olympics!"
     What about the idiots that make "friends" with famous people on facebook?  You know the ones.  The ones who have say Paul McCartney as a friend and comment on everything that is written about Paul just like they were best friends.  Wanna know something idiot?  The famous people have hired hands to do the facebook for them.  If your famous, how much time would you actually have to hang out on there?
     What about the people who air their private shit on facebook?  I mean straight up trailer park shit going on here people!   "My baby's daddy gets out of jail today!"  "He's going to come home and we be going to make more babies!"  "That will give us 11 kiddos before we are 30 years old!"  People who do this are fucking retarded in bred assholes who need to be dropped off on an island!
    Then there's the person who thinks they are alot better then others.  You know the ones.  The ones who show you what they are having for dinner every night by showing you a pic of it.  I think the next time I drop a deuce I'm going to take a pic of it and call it "poopoo pie".  Fuck picture takers!
   What about the idiots that want to invite you to all of their games?  Here's what I think.  TAKE YOUR GAMES AND SHOVE THEM UP YOUR FUCKING ASS!  Just sayin....  What about the people who want to remember everything from the past and can't get into the now or the future?  Leave all of the old time photos and shit behind.  Jump on the NOW train and welcome to here.  It's that fucking simple.  
    If someone wants to know anything about you, most will ask.  You don't need to advertise your life to everyone in the world.  Please keep Facebook a cool thing to use for social networking.  If you can't do that please fuck off and die!

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