Friday, February 11, 2011

A McDonald's tale.

  Today wasn't any thing out of the ordinary.  I had the day off and when my beautiful wife got home from work we decided to go out for lunch.  It's something we pretty much do each and every day.  After lunch, we run a few errands then it's time to pick up my daughter from school.  
   Knowing my daughter, I offer to take her to McDonald's after we pick her up from school.  She's down with that so we proceed to get her something to munch on.  As usual we go through the drive thru and make our order.  After a few minutes we drive up to the window and get our food.  
    It's when we are driving away I decide to make sure that we got everything we ordered.  I'm not the biggest fan of McDonald's but my kid just loves it.  So as usual I order an UNsweetened Iced Tea.  As usual they give me the wrong drink.  Normally I drink what they give me but today it pisses me off.
     I look at the wife as we have driven almost two blocks away and tell her to turn the car around.  She gives me that look of "what in God's name are you doing?" then turns the car around.  As we pull back into the parking lot I'm cussing to myself, wondering what I'm going to do or say.  I get out of the car with drink in hand and go inside.
     As I stand in line waiting a young gal comes up and asks me how she can help me.  At this point I'm impressed with her customer service skills.  I tell her my plight of the tea mess up and she then tells me she'll take care of it.   This young lady then goes over and starts to pour me another drink when a "manager" type of gal tells her to give me a cup and have me pour my own drink.
     This little fat bitch then looks at me with that look of "fuck off".  It's now I'm really pissed!  I go and get my own drink and then tell the first gal thank you for all of her help and I'm sorry that her superior is a pathetic answer to management.  Then I turn and walk away.  About this time I hear the first gal telling another manager about how she was taking care of my miscue.  
     After this girl starts talking the fat "cunt" that over ruled her starts speaking up.  Now it's time for me to turn around and take care of some business.  I tell the "overall" manager that his employee did a fantastic job of taking care my problem.  I told him that his fat cunt secondary manager needs to check herself and learn some manners and customer service abilities.  Then the two bit fat whore rolls her eyes at me!
    I'm usually really calm in these situations until today.  This is when I let this retarded cunt know whats going on!  I proceed to let her know that she'll never be anything more then a "secondary" manager at a McDonald's.  She'll most likely live on the welfare most of her life because no man in his right mind will want nothing to do with her unless it involves a blow job.
   I let her know that most likely that she was born out of wedlock because her mother was nothing more then a two bit whore needing some loving or some extra cash for some cheap smokes.  I then tell her I wouldn't fuck her even if I were dead or high on heroin.  Actually both are about the same!    What people need to understand is that if you work in retail, the customer isn't always right but they are the people who are paying your goddamn salary! 
     I work in retail.  I manage in retail.  The customer is always your number one priority! Make the customer happy and they will return.  Make the customer happy and they will let your immediate bosses know how good of a job your doing.  Make the customers happy and you will make it far.  If your not making the customers happy, then your pretty much swimming up shit creek.

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  1. Dude, I am giving you an award. Check it out this evening it should be posted. Now get to writing!